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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

Cosgrove Hall

In the late seventies I became involved with one of the most original and innovative animation houses in the world – Cosgrove Hall Productions Manchester.

Mark Hall phoned me to say that they were working on a TV series about a Mouse Super Agent and had got bogged down. Mark and his partner Brian Cosgrove wondered whether I had any thoughts on the matter. When we sat round the table it seemed to me to be fairly simple. The characters had got stuck in reality and were doing James Bond type things rooted in the solid real world. I argued that once you invented a Mouse Secret Agent then all of creation and a good chunk of not creation was his oyster. In other words we could be as barmy as we wanted.
I invented some more characters such as the two Crows (who I originally called Leatherhead and Dorking and gave cockney accents to ), wrote a trial script about bagpipe rustling and called the Evil Toad Greenback after a farmer I knew in the Yorkshire Dales that I didn’t like much. I also rough scripted nine or so other ideas and Brian Trueman took the baton and ran with it. The rest is animation history.

I am very proud to have worked with Brian and Mark, and I count them now amongst my closest friends. The people at Cosgrove Hall that I worked with were the most amazingly creative people, full of fire and love for their craft and I was doubly privileged to be asked to write the music for both Dangermouse and it’s little baby Duckula and to work on other projects with Brian and Mark writing the music for The Reluctant Dragon and The Fool Of The World And the Flying Ship. The latter won several awards including best animated film at the Chicago Children’s Film Festival.

They were fun days.

“Danger Mouse” (21 episodes)

  1. Rogue Robots (28 September 1981) – Composer, Writer
  2. Who Stole the Bagpipes? (30 September 1981) – Composer, Writer
  3. The Trouble with Ghosts (5 October 1981) – Composer, Writer
  4. Chicken Run (7 October 1981) – Composer, Writer
  5. The Martian Misfit (12 October 1981) – Writer
  6. The Dream Machine (14 October 1981) – Writer
  7. Lord of the Bungle (19 October 1981) – Writer
  8. Die Laughing (21 October 1981) – Writer
  9. The World of Machines (26 October 1981) – Composer, Writer
  10. Ice Station Camel (28 October 1981) – Writer
  11. The Plague of Pyramids (14 December 1981) – Writer
  12. The Day of the Suds (25 January 1982) – Composer
  13. The Bad Luck Eye of the Little Yellow God (1 February 1982) – Composer
  14. The Four Tasks of Danger Mouse (8 February 1982) – Composer
  15. The Invasion of Colonel K (4 October 1982) – Composer
  16. Danger Mouse Saves the World… Again (11 October 1982) – Composer
  17. The Odd Ball Runaround (18 October 1982) – Composer
  18. The Wild, Wild Goose Chase (3 January 1983) – Composer
  19. The Return of Count Duckula (10 January 1983) – Composer
  20. Tampering with Time Tickles (16 April 1984) – Composer
  21. Nero Power (30 April 1984) – Composer


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