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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

Footloose In The Himalaya CD


Title: Footloose In The Himalaya


Released: June 2002 (Remaster)

Format: Compact Disc





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This is the music track to 2 AV shows Mike did on the trips he made to Nepal, Zanskar and Ladakh and the climbs of Kilimanjaro.


Footloose In The Himalaya

1. Siddhartha

2. Sunrise, Dall Lake, Kashmir

3. Freak Street, Kathmandu

4. Ang Phurba

5. Jungle Stories

6. The Desert On The Roof Of The World

7. The Horns Of Mani Rimdu

8. Walking Dud Khosi

9. Sagarmatha Goddess Mother


Kilimanjaro (Bonus Tracks)

1. Bush Sunrise

2. Arusha Market

3. Bush Boys Band

4. The Masaii Mountain Of God

5. Walking Serengeti

6. The Masaii Wedding

7. Climb To the Roof Of Africa