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Foo Foo Shufflewick (mp3)


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Tracks: 8

File format: 320kbps MP3

File size:  118 MB



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Original release on vinyl LP by Moonraker 1986 (MOO 8)
Digitally remastered and re-issued on CD in 2002 (Moonraker Music ‎- CDMOO8)


01 Foo Foo Shufflewick And Her Exotic Banana 10:46
02 Dancing Alone In The Night 2:40
03 Dracula And The Trendies 8:26
04 The Hotel Transylvania 5:04
05 Ronald Reagan My Hero 6:48
06 God Meets Ronnie 2:16
07 Sunny Loomy Yere 15:56
08 Sao Bras Albufeira 3:35


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