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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

Chinese Takeaway Blues

1 Our Tune
2 Love, Lust And Noisy Bed Ends
3 Hell Teachers from Outer Space
4 Fast Food
5 Dentists And Doctors
6 The F word
7 Macdrunk
8 Chinese Takeaway Blues

Recorded live during the 1989 UK Tour at the Alhambra Bradford.
All words and music (c) Mike Harding Moonraker Productions except
Chinese takeway Blues / Chinese Laundry Blues (c) Cottrtell and
Campbell Connelly and Co Ltd
and Our Tune / Romeo And Juliet (c) Rota and Snyderer Chapell Music.

Location engineers Ian McArthur and Lee Montiverdi
Mix-down at The Barn Dent Cumbria. Engineer Alec (Bomber) Lyon.

Artwork – the wonderful Chic Jacob R.I.P