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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

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TV Appearances


Top of the Pops 1975.
Mike appeared twice in the summer of that year sat on a stuffed alsation dog dressed as a North Country Cowboy. As he later explained: “It was a bit embarrassing but better than working down the sewers, and it paid for the luxuries in Life like bread and shoes.”

Episode #12.34 – Episode aired 21 August 1975
Episode #12.32 – Episode aired 7 August 1975



Fivepenny Piece & Mike Harding – 11th April 1977  Monday 22:35-23:25  BBC2
Produced by Barry Bevins.
A special 50-minute show recorded at the Poco-a-Poco Theatre, Stockport. The Fivepenny Piece were teamed with the then up-and-coming folk singer/comedian Mike Harding for this one-off special. The success of this show led to the following year’s series MH & 5p (see below).

Songs performed: Where There’s Muck There’s Brass (5PP), What Is It All About? (poem) (MH), King Cotton (5PP), Irwell Delta Blues (MH), They Tell Us Owt (5PP), Napoleon’s Retreat From Wigan (MH), Sail Away, Tin Soldier Friend (5PP), The Bogey Man (MH), Armchair Athlete (5PP), A Sailor Courted A Farmer’s Daughter (MH), Watercolour Morning (5PP), Talking Blackpool Blues (MH) and Ee By Gum (5PP)


9 June 1977 appeared on The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club
with Bernard Manning, Colin Crompton



Fivepenny Piece & Mike Harding – 9th April 1978 Sunday
(repeat of above 11th April 1977 show)


MH and Five Pee BBC 2 – 9th June 1978 – 14th July 1978   Fridays 21:00-21:30 BBC2
Produced by Barry Bevins
A six-part series featuring The Fivepenny Piece with Mike Harding
Recorded at the Poco-a-Poco Theatre, Stockport.

The success of this series led to The Fivepenny Piece and Mike Harding each being given their own separate BBC TV series


23rd December 1978  Saturday 21:10-21:50   BBC2

Christmas With Mike Harding & The Fivepenny Piece
Produced by Barry Bevins.
A 40-minute Christmas special programme which once again teamed The Fivepenny Piece with Mike Harding. Recorded at the Poco-a-Poco Theatre, Stockport.



The Mike Harding Show – 14 episodes, 1979-1982  30 min

2 x 6 week series for BBC2 repeated on BBC1 recorded at various venues from Buxton to Belfast top viewing figures just below 8 Million average 6 million

– Episode dated 15 March 1982
– Episode dated 13 November 1981
– Episode #2.6 – Episode aired 12 March 1981
– Episode #2.5 – Episode aired 5 March 1981
– Episode #2.4 – Episode aired 26 February 1981
– Episode #2.3 – Episode aired 19 February 1981
– Episode #2.2 – Episode aired 12 February 1981
– Episode #2.1 – Episode aired 5 February 1981
– Episode #1.6 – Episode aired 4 December 1979
– Episode #1.5 – Episode aired 27 November 1979
– Episode #1.4 – Episode aired 20 November 1979
– Episode #1.3 – Episode aired 13 November 1979
– Episode #1.2 – Episode aired 6 November 1979
– Episode #1.1 – Episode aired 30 October 1979


One Night in Lincoln 6x 30 min episodes 6 April – 11 May 1983
Director: Keith MacKenzie
Writer: Mike Harding

– It’s Hard to be an Angel When You’re 65 – Episode aired 11 May 1983
– When the Martians Land in Huddersfield – 4 May 1983
– Grope Encounters – 27 April 1983
– He Was a Ladies’ Man – 20 April 1983
– You Just Can’t Beat this Family Life – 13 April 1983
– Gimme Dat Shaky Pudden – 6 April 1983


Ticket to Ride – 2 episodes filmed in Ireland with Mike meeting musicians and raconteurs etc for a 6 episode travel series. BBC1
Film cameraman David Jackson, Film editor Roy Newton 
Executive producer David Brown 
Producer Cyril Gates.

E3: By Bike to Bantry – Sun 22 Nov 1981 17:20 
Mike takes his bike and a well-tuned mandolin for a two-week, two-wheeled tour of south-west Ireland.
With an ear out for music, and an eye on the little people, MIKE meets John the farmer, Dinnis the bog cutter, Paddy the bowler, Hammy the fluter, and 10,000 puffins.

E4: The Road to Ballybunion – Sun 29 Nov 1981 17:20
Mike pedals his way through the final week of his south west Ireland tour. He jaunts in Killarney, rows with Ned the Curragh, jigs and reels in Glengarriff, and bathes with Mrs Daly.



The Harding Trail – 1984
A series of 6x 30min programmes in America . Mike cycled the Appalachian trail meeting people and playing music with musicians on the way. BBC1.

– Louisiana: Way Down Yonder – Episode aired 21 August 1984
– Tennessee: Moonshine in the Mountains – Episode aired 13 August 1984
– North Carolina: The Trail of Tears – Episode aired 6 August 1984
– West Virginia: Home, Sweet Homesville – Episode aired 30 July 1984



‘Second Chance’. BBC 1 1992 , 6 episodes – 9 March 1992 – 15 May 1994
The series went out each night for a week at around 7pm and aimed to encourage those who left school early or with no qualifications to go back to education and have another try. Mike also wrote the very catchy theme song for the series.



The Landlord’s Tale –   (The Easter Stories – Episode aired 27 March 1994)
An alternative version of Christs Passion from the viewpoint of the Landlord of the Last Supper Inn. Scripted and performed by Mike this piece had a tremendous reaction and has been repeated in various countries throughout Europe


Awayday – a one-off film of Mike travelling the Settle-Carlisle Railway line talking about the art, poetry and music of the railways. More interesting than it sounds


3 documentary films based on ecological issues made for ECO (Channel 4):

  • 1 The Eyesore Way, about the devastation caused by quarrying and industry in the Peak National Park.
  • 2 A Right to Roam delinating the problems of access to open spaces.
  • 3 The Kleenex Trail – Everest the Soft Way when Mike trekked to Everest Base Camp outlining the problems of deforestation and pollution caused by careless trekking in Nepal.



Folk Britannia Season 1 Episode 3 – Between The Wars
Episode aired 17 February 2006



The Yorkshire Dales on Film
30 min TV Documentary 23 November 2010



Corporate Videos

‘A Park For People’ video made 1990 for the Peak National Park.

‘That’s Where It’s At’ video 1990 for Ordnance Survey for use in education.



Children’s Television

Jackanory BBC 1
The Magic Lion


Other Television

Guest appearances on Parkinson, The Marti Caine Show, Daytime Live, North West on Two, Wogan, North West Face, Breakfast Time, Harty, Tom O’Connor Roadshow, Pebble Mill at One, Call my Bluff.




Mike Harding and Friends recorded for BBC Radio 2, October 1991 with George Melly, Ralph McTell and Maddy Prior

Yer Roots Are Showing BBC Radio 2
Two six week studio grams based series
A thirteen week location series recorded in New Orleans, New Mexico, Texas and Tennessee.

Six Leisure Walks with Mike Harding – a walking series of six programmes for BBC Radio 4
Rambles in Ireland a similar series, again for BBC Radio 4

Down Your Way – 2 programmes in the Dales and Manchester

Celtic Wanderers – a series with Ray Grevel for BBC Wales and Radio 4

Travels With a Mike BBC Radio 2 1996 Six week series with Mike playing recordings he has made in the field in places as far apart as Kathmandu Nepal and Kilkenny Irelend.

Mike Harding’s Yorkshire Dales BBC Radio 2 1997 series of field recordings and interviews with Mike’s own roving microphone and his own music

Numerous contributions to;
the BBC Natural History Programme,
Womens Hour,
I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue,
Ned Sherrin’s Loose Ends etc.

Countless appearances on local and BBC local radio stations throughout the country.

BBC Radio 2

Mike presented Radio 2’s weekly folk, roots and acoustic music programme for 15 years, building the audience up from under 100,000 to almost a million. Sadly, he was dropped as presenter at Christmas 2012 with the excuse that they wanted to play folk music more in tune with the daytime output of Radio 2.

Undeterred, he’s launched the Mike Harding Folk Show on the internet featuring a combination of new releases and classic tracks which have stood the test of time.

“I’ll also be looking out for raw new talent from the folk, roots and acoustic music scene,” he says, “so please leave a posting on the Guest Book page if you come across anything that you think might be good on the show.”


Music for Film and Television

Theme and incidental music for
Dangermouse and Duckula
The Reluctant Dragon Thames TV/Nickolodeon USA

The Fool of the World and The Flying Ship 1991
won 3 prestigious prizes, the Los Angeles Film Festival Award, the Chicago Television Award and the Emmy in New ork for the best children’s film animation in 1991.

Theme music for his own TV series. BBCl
Theme music for the Awayday series. BBC1
Theme and incidental music for Mike Harding’s Yorkshire Dales
Theme and incidental music for Barcud – The Red Kite RSPB film.
Music for Foootloose in the Himalaya Mike’s Audio Visual production on the India and Nepal Himalaya – won the Outdoor Writers’ Guild Award for Broadcast Media 1994


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