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The Red Specs Album (mp3)


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Tracks: 6

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First released on vinyl LP in 1981 (Polydor 2383 681)
Digitally remastered and re-issued on CD in 2003


01 A Limey In New York 12:13
02 A Yank In Burnley 4:07
03 Thatcher And Reagan – Apocalypse Inc. 9:19
04 Fallout Calypso 3:14
05 The Fourteen And A Half Pound Budgie 20:11
06 Comrade Olga 7:49

Total running time 56:53

Recorded at Abersoch Junior Arsonists Club and Nellie’s Place, Nottingham: June 1980
Enginneers Chris Nagle, Steve Broomhead, Phil Case
Constant aggravation Geoff Hughes, alias Eddy Yates, Coronation Street.


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