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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

The Red Specs Album

Side One
A Limey in New York
A Yank in Burnley
Thatcher and Reagan – Apocolypse Inc.
Fallout Calypso

Side Two
The Fourteen and a half Pound Budgie
Comrade Olga

Recorded at Abersoch Junior Arsonists Club and Nellie’s Place, Nottingham: June 1980
Photographs Pat Harding
Recorded by Moonraker Mobile
Mix down and production Mike Harding
Enginneers Chris Nagle, Steve Broomhead, Phil Case
Sleeve Design by Kevin Barnard
Constant aggravation Geoff Hughes, alias Eddy Yates, Coronation Street. Jan 1981

2383 601 Polydor 1981