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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

Flat Dogs and Shaky Pudden

BBC Records REH 468


Side One:
Gropes Encounters of the First Kind
In which our hero does some Pushin’ on the cushion, has A ration of passion and the cat on the mat Gets its own back 

Side Two:
Mr O Grady
Gimme Dat Shaky Pudden
The Flat Dog
Somethings That the GrownUps Just Won’t Tell You
Love, Some Thoughts
The Ballad of Slack Alice




Recorded live during the Spring 1982 tour at the Theatre Royal, York.

Engineers: Colin [I’m worried] Goddard & Mike [I can’t hear any hum] Myreson.
Photography: Kevin [Spell my name right] Cummins.
Lettering and cover design: Mike Harding.
Mike Harding’s voice courtesy draught Bass, Punch Bowl Westgate