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The Little Books

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About The Little Books series

A Little Book of Angels

A few years ago I wrote the text and took all the pictures for four small books on various aspects of church architecture. They were published by Aurum Books of London under the titles:
A Little Book of Stained Glass
A Little Book of Misericords
A Little Book of Gargoyles
A Little Book of the Green Man

Over the years they sold steadily, mostly in cathedral shops or in the better bookshop. Then the internet came along and people from all over the world began ordering the books from Amazon and writing to me about Green Men or stained glass or gargoyles in their own particular necks of the woods.

Then this year Aurum asked me would I do four more books:
A Little Book of Angels
A Little Book of Devils and Demons
A Little Book of Tombs and Monuments
A Little Book of Miracles and Marvels

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