Mike plans tour early 2011

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Gallery Pictures – Barnsley LampRoom Theatre 20/02/2011




Dear Friends

I’ve dusted off the motley, got the guitar and the joke book out and am getting ready for a Feb –  March tour taking in a heap of arts centres and little theatres. Time I got back on the road I think.

I did a couple of local gigs in October for friends and really really enjoyed them. The audience did too so I thought “Right then – let’s have a proper doo!”

People often asked me why I no longer toured – the answer was always that it wasn’t a conscious thing, I just ended up climbing and trekking in the Himalayas and doing other stuff like writing books on church architecture that they sort of took over.

Well now, I have removed the stake from my heart, binned the garlic and rolled back the tomb lid and am heading for a gig somewhere near you.

Be afraid – be very afraid.