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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

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6 thoughts on “Guest book

  1. Nick Morgan

    Whilst stationed in Sennelager, a fellow NCO mentioned Tunchy Buzzards. Being a tad ignorant at the time, “What the hell is a Tunchy Buzzard?” I remarked at the time, and he mentioned Mike Harding. Where can I listen to this reference please?

    Kind regards

  2. Mary wilcock

    Thank you just received your book with a note in that I might have paid for it twice the other £10 is a donation for your iPod show thank you Mary will enjoy x

  3. Mike

    Dem were de daze – Jeff Money and the gang – singing into the night. Good times.

  4. Alex

    I still love ‘Up the Booaye, Shooting Pookakies’ and so do my kids. Thank you from us all.

  5. Jon Bunyan

    I really enjoyed Tom Robinson with Billy Bragg on your last last podcast – brought back so many memories (Guthrie / Springsteen / Bragg) of the art of a protest song when done well – quality!

    Keep up the great work on the podcast.

    All the best

  6. Jonathan White

    Bring on the Rosey Cheeked Girls- long-time since I remembered that one.

    Those nights in the Helwith Bridge Inn. Dark November nights where we supped Diesel Tetleys by the pint and slept in the local barn or in the caving club cottages. Suppers of pie and peas in the back room. Happy days gone by but I’m coming back for a weekend at The Old Hill Inn. Shame the disco has gone.