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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

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18 thoughts on “Guest book

  1. John Lee

    Listened to Mike lots over the years, even lucky enough to have been to a few of his concerts, always brilliantly funny, so I can’t wait to hear if there are anymore live shows coming up

  2. Jean Skitt

    Just beautiful xxxx

  3. Pat howard

    Just found you online searching for funny sayingsfrom Manchester during a visit from Oz to new Zealand to visit an older cousin. We were reminiscing and laughing as we remembered some of ties sayings we heard as children groeingbup in the collyhurst blackley area. Made me remember also that you may be a cousin of a girl i went to.high school with – Collette Harding ?
    Grid to know you are still on the planet and producing funnies. all the best

  4. Daniel

    Hi mike just had a great evening listening to your past shows on the inter web with my dad and uncle. We’ve had a great proper laf.
    When are your going to do a tour and recap some of your past experiences would be great to listen and see these live again…. come let’s do it . Thanks D
    P.s any chance of a show in Rochdale or littleborough…

  5. Steve Casey

    In 1989 as a 17 year old kid from Liverpool living in Oxford I went to your show.

    Afterwards at the stage door you kindly signed a programme for me and on hearing my Scouse accent we spent fifteen minutes chatting. Nothing unusual there however this was shortly after Hillsborough and the compassion afforded me meant so much, particularly being isolated away from my home city at such a difficult time.

    I simply want to say thank you, it’s a gesture that has stayed with me to this day and one that will always be appreciated.

    A big fan of a genuinely decent guy.

    1. mike

      Thank you Steve – good to see the truth finally came out – go well mate.

  6. Jo & Wayne Noble.

    Hi Mike.
    We loved your readings last night at the portico both funny and moving. We still have most (if not all) of your old recordings and books so it brought back a lot of great memories.
    Until we went back to them, I never realised that half of our local jokes and mannerisms aren’t just Lancastrian babbles but you, you bugger! Hardingisms in our house 😉
    As an aside, you signed 2 books for my sisters (Gwen being the one you”trilled” with). We ran out of cash, if we buy a book from your site, how do we get it signed?

  7. paul wilson

    dear dear mike harding i was buying LPS of yours long long time ago i think it was just after rochdale cowboy was in the charts. i went to buy the single but he had sold out so i had to get the LP i loved it as did all of my family, i was about 18 at the time my farther said that that was the best laugh he had for years and if you was playing at any clubs near that we should get tickets for it .not long after i found that you was playing at a club in farnsworth near bolton.when i booked the venue i ended up getting 12 tickets and we all had a great time i have been buying your cds and i listen to them from time to time i had herd of a market trader that he sees you at a market near your home so i traveled across the other side of britain so se if i could thank you in person but you was not to be seen but i now understand why you live there it is a gorgeous part of britain i wish to thank you for all the fun i and my freands and family have had for years and years to come. paul in HULL