• Intro
  • The Face In The Leaves
  • The Beginning of the Search
  • Gathering the Harvest
  • Stories in the Leaves
  • The Green Man goes to church
  • The Green Man in India
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  • Conclusion
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Pictures 3

Both images Eaton Under Heywood Shrops UK. In a tiny church in an area of old woodland are several wooden Green Men mostly jolly and one looking suspiciously like Fat Freddy’s Cat.

Both are very early images (C12) Garway was a Knights Templar church and still has a great air of mystery about it. Stottesdon has a wonderful font with a chain of Green Cats like the one above. The Green Cat is a motif that appears in great numbers in North Yorkshire too.

The image on the left is from a plate in the Louvre Paris. C12 Italian in origin the foliate head occurs several times in the company of a woman hanging upside down by her feet, like the character from the Tarot pack. The image on the right is from Much Marcle in Herefordshire UK and is one of several Green Men in the church. Notice the Sunwheel hanging on the chain from his neck. The sunwheel is one of the most ancient symbols and also occurs on the font at Garway Common.

Examples from Germany from Brukengasse 9, Limburgh – Haus der 7 Laster built 1567. They are said to be resectively Sloth and Pride since they occur with five other assorted sinful heads on the exterior of the building. I think this is a fanciful attempt by the pastors to turn a Pagan image into a Christian message.