• Intro
  • The Face In The Leaves
  • The Beginning of the Search
  • Gathering the Harvest
  • Stories in the Leaves
  • The Green Man goes to church
  • The Green Man in India
  • Pictures
  • Charts
  • Conclusion
  • Booklist
  • Video

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Pictures 2

Abbey Dore – Herefordshire – UK. Once a Cistercian Abbey the church contains three Green Men. This is the most interesting. A deposed roof boss he lies amongst rubble at the back of the church smiling in a shaft of sunlight.

The image from Dankar Gompa – Spiti – N.India is a Kirtimukha- like character who possibly has links with monster faces that appear across Asia.

Jain Sculpture – New Delhi Museum – India – an C8th head originally from Rajasthan. He is not a Kirtimukha he is simple and plainly a foliate head.

Head from the pedestal of St James – Ste Chapelle – Paris France

A head in anguish from the cathedral at Exeter – Devon – UK

The more reposed face of the May King one of many Green Men in the Chapter House of Southwell Minster – Nottinghamshire UK