• Intro
  • The Face In The Leaves
  • The Beginning of the Search
  • Gathering the Harvest
  • Stories in the Leaves
  • The Green Man goes to church
  • The Green Man in India
  • Pictures
  • Charts
  • Conclusion
  • Booklist
  • Video

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Working on the database available at the time (1996) the following three graphs indicate

Firstly – The time span of the Green Man’s flowering,
Secondly – The distinct types of Green Man
Thirdly – The names of the churches in which the Green Man appears

A rough chart of Green Men by century. I need to import a lot more information into the database and spreadsheet before I can reach any firm conclusions. So far, as you might expect the great periods of expansion in church building saw the flowering of the Green Man as an icon in Christian churches. But this is hardly surprising since settled periods of prosperity are more likely to produce ornamented churches. I’ve got much more work to do on the spread and types of Green Men.

The distinct types of Green Man – whether:
– Foliate (the head turning into leaves)
– Spewing or Uttering (branches and leaves coming from the mouth)
– Jack In The Green (the face appearing ion a bower of leaves) or
– Sucker (branches coming from the eyes ears and nose

The names of the churches in which the Green Man appears in order of number. At first I thought I had stumbled on something here and – since I equate the Green Man with Robin Hood and Maid Marion with the Virgin Mary (c.f. Graves The White Goddess) – assumed that I had found a definite link with churches named either after the Virgin or Mary Magdelan (seen by some ‘heretics’) as the consort of Jesus. This could be misleading though since the cult of the Virgin in the Middle Ages meant that many churches were renamed after Her.