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singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist

The Unluckiest Man in the World

The Unluckiest Man in the World and Similar Disasters

Born in the picturesque spa of Lower Crumpsall, he spent his early years in the brooding shadow of a creamcracker factory. At the age of seventeen he bought a set of Mongolian bagpipes and joined a rock and roll band.
Much of his manhood has been spent waiting for a girl wearing red feathers and a hulu skirt to come into his life. He is the incorrigible, irrepressible and slightly mad Mike Harding

The Unluckiest Man in the World takes us into the world of Mike Harding with an inimitable collection of happy, sad, ridiculous, profound and simply hilarious songs, poems and stories.



Publisher: Arrow (1979)


Alternative cover:


Bring on the Rosy-Cheeked Girls

Mr Fat Cigar

Call the Night Porter

Sporting the Old School Tie


For Carlo

The Upper Echelon

Disco Vampire

Chain Store Father Christmas

Akroyd’s Funeral

Ladies’ Man

These Are My Uncles

P.S. God

The Man’ ‘Nited Song

Can’t Help Lokkin’ on the Bright Side

The Unluckiest Man in the World