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New book just gone to press

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‘What is a poet?’ the title poem of this collection, Cosmos Mariner, asks and answers: ‘word-peckers, rhyming jackdaws of the world’.
The poems in this, Mike Hardings sixth poetry collection, explore both what poetry means and what it means to be a poet. There is a  dark undertow to his work here which in many cases reflects the current distracted political times. Longer poems, such as King Cotton and A Murano Dagger, go deeper and question received wisdomsAgainst this, gentler poems such as The Cleggan Sonnets and The Curve of Love show Harding’s gift for capturing epiphanies and fixing them with a piercing simplicity that remains burned in the memory.
* Copies will be available first week in June
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Response to Theresa May’s letter

I was on holiday in Paris, when I read the Guardian Online on my phone and saw Theresa May’s letter to the country asking that the country should unite and get behind her Brexit Deal. 
I was so angry I typed out very slowly, with just one finger stabbing at the silly little keyboard on the phone my answer to her letter.
I posted it to Facebook expecting a few ticks and a lot of trolling  – I was more than surprised when my mate Bryan Ledgard who plays the drums (but is also a great photographer and designer) texted me to say the letter had gone viral.
Well – like Typhoid Mary – I believe in sharing, so here it is.
And the MP3  audio of the letter read by me on the James O’Brian Show on LBC is here..


Link to article in The New European:

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